Veterinarians who use Houndstooth LOVE it!

A message to fellow Veterinarians    from      Dr. Richard Yacowitz, DVM

Welcome to Houndstooth. My name is Rick Yacowitz. DVM. I have been in veterinary practice for over 40 years and currently own Little Silver Animal Hospital a six doctor practice in New Jersey. 

I began using the  Houndstooth non anesthetic veterinary dental service in 2010. At first, I was quite skeptical, so I challenged the Houndstooth team to clean my own dog's teeth and those of my newly adopted eight year old cat . I was intrigued and impressed. After having Houndstooth complete over 2,000 dentals cleanings at my hospital over eight years, I was such an advocate that my partners and I bought the company in 2018. I have found this to be a safe, affordable option for excellent dental care. Our method and equipment allow us to clean below the gum line and maintain a healthy mouth for these pets. Our team of CVTs is highly qualified  with a minimum of 5 years experience and specialized training in veterinary dentistry.

I would be happy to speak to you personally about becoming a Houndstooth Provider™and all the benefits that accrue to your patients and your practice. Upon registration with Houndstooth, we will provide a pass code to access the Houndstooth Provider  page which offers detailed practice information. Thanks for visiting our website and your interest in Houndstooth.


Dr Rick Yacowitz, DVM

Houndstooth Chief Executive Officer


Why become a Houndstooth Provider™ ?

Veterinarians who become a Houndstooth Provider™  have the opportunity to earn significant revenues without incurring costs or committing staff other than supervision. You merely allow Houndstooth CVTs to utilize a room in your hospital. You do not need to provide equipment or additional staff .We  only ask that you provide towels , prophy paste and use of your autoclave . We have structured this to be a turn key process producing an untapped revenue stream, essentially "found money ", for your practice while providing an on going program of dental hygiene care.

We have found that between 5-10 % of Houndstooth patients are shown to follow up with needed anesthesia dentistry because of problems found during the cleaning process thus further adding to your number of dental procedures.


​​How does  your clientele benefit?

We all recommend it but no one does it: "brush your pet's teeth twice daily for optimal dental health"  .....Never happens ! Houndstooth is an actual program for regular dental hygiene. Of the Houndstooth clients seen at my own hospital, fifty percent come in yearly and almost one third come in twice or three times yearly ! Our method and equipment allow us to clean below the gum line and maintain a healthy mouth for these pets. It is not a perfect process but so much better than waiting for the mouth to smell rancid-- and then need to talk about cleaning and extractions. 

What will you do when your current clients begin to ask about Houndstooth?

Houndstooth is a revolution in the evolving field of veterinary dentistry. No such preventative hygiene protocol currently exists. Many owners just do not want their beloved pets put under anesthesia. Veterinarians will come to accept this truth if they have not already done so. Are you going to forego responsible dental hygiene, especially PD1s and PD2s, when your clientele begins to ask for Houndstooth?


What is the process when requests for Houndstooth come your way?

Staging is critical . Stage 1 and 2 periodontal disease is the standard best time for a Houndstooth procedure and the implementation of this outstanding hygiene program. When we see a Stage 3 or 4, we treat it on a case by case basis. I usually advise full anesthesia dental with xrays , extractions etc but some people just don't want to risk anesthesia for whatever reason. I often ask them to go to the website for details so they can see the different grading systems. I tell them that if they insist on Houndstooth (and many do!), we will do our best to clean the mouth and further evaluate the dental condition during the cleaning process . When a client hears from the CVT that they too recommend full anesthesia and that the cleaning they have just done will reduce anesthesia time, and therefore some risk, I find that many of these clients opt for the full dentistry. I also offer a reduced cost for this as the bulk of the cleaning has been done.

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