Houndstooth Community Service

At Houndstooth Pet Dental, we take our civic responsibility very seriously. We genuinely care how animals are treated and aim to improve the health of all pets, including those in temporary foster situations.


Therefore, we often provide our service free of charge to.....................:

  • SPCA 

  • Associated Humane Society of Monmouth County 

  • Breed Clubs & Rescue Groups 

Houndstooth participates in many rescue groups and breed groups gatherings nationwide including Greyhound rescue, Chihuahua rescue, Cavalier rescue & several all breed dog & cat rescue and hobby groups. We offer group discounts, donate services & contribute to fundraising events. Helping Rescue groups in their tireless mission to save the homeless and abused is a privilege for us. Please contact us if we can be of service to your group. 

We also provide a contribution of one rabies vaccine  per procedure to the AFYA Project and Mission Rabies .These organizations are working to eliminate rabies in Africa , India and Madagascar where the disease kills over seventy thousand people a year , mostly children . By vaccinating dogs as a secondary effect the wildlife population in these areas increases as this provides a protected area against the disease .

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