For the love of Houndstooth:


It should come as no surprise that we take great pride in the care we provide your pets. When we receive feedback that demonstrates the support and appreciation from owners who regularly benefit from Houndstooth NAVDS, we are thrilled to share that with you.

"For several years I have used Houndstooth Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleaning to maintain dental hygiene for my dogs. I believe that  maintaining a healthy mouth is essential to my dog’s wellness. I have several dogs and I schedule two at a time every six months that Houndstooth is available at Little Silver Animal Hospital. I am always extremely pleased with the kindness and care that is taken for my dogs, and amazed that the procedure is not a long lengthy one. The dogs do not return stressed from this procedure, and I’m not sure just how that happens! They are happy and tails wiggling coming out of the exam room. I believe it is a wonderful preventative method that keeps my dogs teeth and gums healthy and sound.  At times it is necessary for a full dental treatment under anesthesia especially for the older dogs, I believe the Houndstooth cleaning has assisted in keeping better dental hygiene continuing long before that is necessary. I give it my full support and recommendation."   -Nancy F,, New Jersey, owner of Westminster champion Norwegian Terriers



"Just a note to thank you for being so kind and gentle with my little Misty last Thursday when you cleaned his teeth. I really had my doubts that you would be able to calm him down and do the job. You surely know how to handle a dog. We’ll never use anyone else. Thanks again." -Margaret La Port. 

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